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"Never forget what a person says to you when they are angry."
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Delivery day from J.Crew, I’m ready for summer.


Delivery day from J.Crew, I’m ready for summer.

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if I lie here

if I just lay here

I’ll probably fall asleep so leave me alone

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There’s this really nice bachelor who has been showing intentions to me for more than a year now but I just always laughed him off because I’m committed already and knowing about a number of his affairs, he’s still far from settling down. I’m at that point already.

He spoke to me about his properties and even his latest purchases and victories and while they all impress me, I am never too interested. I mean, yes, he may be able to give me a comfortable life but I will never be comfortable knowing that my husband is somewhere with another woman. I grew up knowing that my father had affairs here and there and I certainly don’t want the same story.

I wouldn’t need his money more than his fidelity. But sometimes, I also think that maybe five years from now, we’re going to meet again and he’s going to introduce a lovely lady as his wife. I will be glad to meet her and then eventually fantasize that what if that girl was me? I would be envious but I decided on him and that maybe she changed him.

He’s a nice guy and he’s also close to the Lord and I often wonder, why hasn’t he settled yet. He’s on his mid-30s and with his standing, he can very well raise a family even when he was still in his early 20s.

Just recently, we had a chance to talk. He knows about my engagement and that I’m getting married next year. During the conversation, in the middle of nowhere, he asked me jokingly, why did I not wait for him. Again, I laughed him off.

I spoke to him about how God plans our future and how sure I am that he will find his perfect match someday. Of the countless women he meets, that girl will stand out and the moment will be magical for both of them that they will just know. I believe in magic and perhaps he will be transformed by it, too; but first, he has to believe.

He also has been dating this girl for years but unfortunately, she was married with two kids. I know he loves her that he’s paying a lawyer to help her up with her annulment. I asked him if he’d be marrying her after that, he just replied with “we’ll see.”

Sometimes I question love and how, despite its intensity, it still cannot pin a man down. We grew up believing that men are men and that they will always have that ‘player’ tendency. Despite how much women give, they will always go looking for something else.

A believer of magic, I am not a cynic and I know that we all have a fated match, who we will love completely despite all their deficiencies. When we meet “the one,” we would ultimately be changed to become better for him/her. We may look away but would still settle for “the one” at the end of the day.

We are all human to sin but we always have a chance to redeem. We fight and afterwards find a way to reconcile. All relationships are works in progress and this is necessary to make us grow together and not apart.

Glenn and I took more than five years to figure out that we’d love to spend the rest of our lives together to the point that we often joke, “Pano nalang kung hindi ikaw ang kasama ko?” We’ve been through a lot and each time we break apart, we are brought closer in understanding how much we need each other.

As we count the years, we also grew in faith, that our dates involved praying, attending mass and just visiting churches. I know God is steering us to the to His path - our magical but crazy future together.

And perhaps as I write this God is also spawning something magical for Mr. Bachelor that would transform him in an instant!

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Can you tell that Mom and I need a vacation? 🐣🐚🌊


Can you tell that Mom and I need a vacation? 🐣🐚🌊

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He asked me if I was alone. I lifted my book and said no.


He asked me if I was alone. I lifted my book and said no.

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